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1 Febbraio 2009

Italy: 2008 Article IV Consultation

Following a 0.6 percent decline in 2008, the staff projects a further 2.1 percent contraction in Italy’s GDP in 2009. This projection is roughly in line […]
1 Gennaio 2009

Interim Forecast – January 2009

Many of the risks highlighted in the Commission’s autumn 2008 forecast have already materialised by the time of this update. Nonetheless, the economic situation and outlook […]
1 Dicembre 2008

Fiscal Policy for the Crisis

The current crisis calls for two main sets of policy measures. First, measures to repair the financial system. Second, measures to increase demand and restore confidence. […]
1 Novembre 2008

OECD forecasts a protracted economic slowdown in US, Japan and Euro Area

Economic activity is expected to fall by 0,9 percent in the US next year, by 0,5 percent in the Euro Area and by 0,1 percent in […]
6 Ottobre 2008

In libreria La sanità in Italia – Federalismo, regolazione dei mercati, sostenibilità delle finanze pubbliche

Dal 1° di Ottobre è in libreria, per i tipi della collana AREL – il Mulino, il volume "La sanità in Italia – Federalismo, regolazione dei […]