4 Giugno 2014

Participation in Conferences

Fabio Pammolli participated, as invited speaker, to the following events: TIGER Forum 2014, Toulouse, June 2-6 Centesimus Annus Foundations, 2014 International Conference, Rome and The Vatican, […]
23 Maggio 2014

Structure and Evolution of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Patent Network

Recent work in the study of multiple networks has provided new insights into the dynamics of competition between complex systems [1] and the importance of individual […]
23 Maggio 2014

The role of the pharmaceutical industry in the global input-output system

We refer to input-output analysis to investigate the global trade system and to assess the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the world economy. Our central […]
23 Maggio 2014

Mobility of Inventors in the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry

Network science provides a variety of methods to better understand the complex growth trends underlying the development of the European Research Area (ERA), the EU vision […]
23 Maggio 2014

Biomedical Innovation Clusters

Tracking the street level location of biomedical publications, we reveal clusters of innovative activity within cities. Using the keywords describing the content of the publications we […]
23 Maggio 2014

A birds-eye view of SWITCH big data project

SWITCH relies on a wide range of datasets, which can be used to quantitatively understand innovation and competition in pharmaceuticals, and to describe the impact of […]
23 Maggio 2014

The Switch Project Latest Publications

The Switch Project Team has posted new items: A birds-eye view of SWITCH big data project, by Greg Morrison Demographic uncertainty, the financing mix and the […]
23 Maggio 2014

Demographic uncertainty, the financing mix and the sustainability of welfare systems

Demographic changes are threatening the sustainability of welfare expenditure in all Western countries. Two clear trends have characterized the last decades, and are expected to affect […]