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“Grecia, un accordo sempre in bilico”

Zapping Radio 1 del 25/06/2015 – Parte 3

“Grecia, tira e molla di Tsipras”

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“Effetto Jobs Act 92mila nuovi posti lavoro a marzo”

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“La tregua. Segnali di distensione tra Tsipras e Merkel”

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“Una ripartenza in grande affanno per l’economia dell’unione”

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“Aumenta l’occupazione e la disoccupazione”

Zapping Radio 1 del 31/10 2014 – Parte 1

“Jobs Act – Fiducia non esclusa”

Zapping Radio 1 del 06/10/2014 – Parte 1

Editor’s Note: Making Sen$e Social Security columnist Larry Kotlikoff recently returned from Rome, where he spoke with Italy’s new economic minister. From the outside, it’s easy to assume that Italy, with 13 percent unemployment, is in bad shape, beholden to the more economically stable Germany. But that’s a strange world, argues Kotlikoff, because Italy is actually in much better fiscal shape than its Teutonic brethren are.

– Simone Pathe, Making Sen$e Editor

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Citazione: Lawrence Kotlikoff

The 21st OHE Annual Lecture was given by Professor Anne Mills, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, on the subject of Universal Health Coverage in low- and middle-income countries. It is now available as a publication and can be downloaded here.